The MAMAssistant top 3 favorite brands of laundry detergent

Save your sanity (and the planet)


I’m not gonna lie – for years I’ve used the same brand of laundry detergent that my mom used.  Why? I liked the way it smelled, I knew what to get at Target with no thought process, and well… it was familiar. I would routinely think “these towels smell musty”, feel like my towels weren’t absorbent anymore and  tell my husband “your work shirt still smells after I washed it!”.

I routinely ran tub clean cycles in my clothes washer, and even then STILL put up with “meh” laundry.  I’m a busy mom – I don’t have time to spend researching laundry and trying out different laundry detergents and then spending $18 on one that I may hate and never use again.

I’m THAT risk adverse – I would rather go along my life putting up with “meh” smelling laundry than take a calculated risk on… laundry detergent.  Yes folks I know, I know – add it to the list of my quirky and lovable traits.

Moving along, a few months ago I had one of those “OMG – I cannot stand this anymore – I’m getting new laundry soap TODAY!”  My mental wish list was: must be able to order online, container must not require Cross Fit level of fitness to lift to my laundry room cabinet, must be High Efficiency machine compatible, and must have less chemicals that what I have been using (hey, if I’m gonna save my sanity, I may as well save the planet and our health too!)

Drumroll please….

These are the three I landed on and decided to try:

  1. Rockin’ Green
  2. Charlie’s soap
  3. Grab Green

Rockin’ Green

In all truthfulness, I saw this soap via a Facebook ad.  At first glance, any brand that refers to a pre wash additive as “Funk Rock” is good in my book.  They also have a scent called AC/DSea breeze….and I love a good pun.  Also? This was developed by a Mom.  This brand met all of my needs and comes in at under $20 for 90 loads.  Shipment was fast and this was the winner when it came to un-stinkifying (that’s a word, I promise) my husband’s work shirts and refreshing our towels.

Charlie’s soap

Charlie’s Soap was recommended by a friend, so I took a chance.  $17.99 for 100 loads – so pricewise, was a bargain.  I did feel like this brand worked a little better in stains, but didn’t take all of the smells out like I expected.  They do have a pretty big line of laundry accessories (bow chicka bow wow), stain pre treaters, etc.  They also have  a subscription service if that’s your thing.

Grab Green

I feel like I’m newer to this pod craze than others. Probably because I’ve had small children in my house for a number of years now, and pod-contained chemicals just seemed like something my boys would probably eat if given the chance.  These pods are super easy, no scooping or measuring.  Grab, toss and viola.  The pods did get stuck towards the front of my front load washer a few times, so this may be best in top loading.  I had pretty consistent results with this brand – my clothes felt especially soft!


In the end, Rockin’ Green stood out and is now my go-to laundry detergent.  Between the consistent results, simplicity of ordering online and, let’s face it, pun-filled products (I mean, come on – Smashing Watermelons, Let’s Get Physical and Sweet Child O’Mine), we are now a Rockin’ Green family.  I hope my kids end up using this brand when they are grown and living on their own and remember me as the hip, rockin’, cool mom I totally am. (Stop rolling your eyes.)

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