It sure is nice to have help.


What is a MAMAssistant?

A MAMAssistant is a one-stop personal assistant here to help moms run the world! Our top-notch assistants are highly trained and experienced in helping families and households run more smoothly by tackling the everyday things from laundry, babysitting, tidying, errand running and grocery shopping to big things like organizing your life and traveling with you.  MAMAssistants are assigned to dedicated families and work between 4-40 hours per week and their tasks can change from week to week, remember you run things – we help!

What is a Laundry Fairy?

Our most popular service! Our laundry fairy will show up while you are home or away, tackle up to 3 loads of laundry and in between loads do light household chores such as vacuuming and dishes.  Imagine coming home to a tidier house and laundry freshly done – as often as you need!

Are MAMAssistants background checked?

Yes! Anyone who performs service for our clients are background checked and also sign a confidentiality waiver.

Why would I need someone to install my carseat?

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 46% of car seats are installed incorrectly.  Common mistakes include incorrect inclines on rear-facing car seats, loose installation on forward-facing car seats, tether anchors not used and lap belts on children’s abdomens when in booster seats.  We love our community and want 100% of children to be safe when riding in cars.  Our Child Passenger Safety Technicians attend a 4 day classroom and hands-on training and pass a rigorous exam to ensure that they can provide safe and effective car seat installations to our communities!

Why would I clean my car seats?

Most infant car seats have more than TWICE the amount of germs than the average toilet, according to the University of Birmingham.  That’s germs like E. Coli and Salmonella.  Our steam clean process kills germs and protects your investment of a safe car seat.  All of our car seat cleanings come with a Child Passenger Safety Technician reinstallation to ensure your car seat is safe from germs and safe from incorrect installation.

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